Labour Party announces candidate for Kenilworth & Southam – Antony Tucker

8th November 2019

Kenilworth & Southam Labour Party has announced that its candidate for the 2019 General Election is Antony Tucker.

Antony, 23, is lifelong Labour member and activist. He has recently led campaigns to defend inclusive education across the region. Resident just over the border in Coventry, he has lived and campaigned in Warwickshire since he was a teenager and is a graduate of Warwick University.

Commenting on being selected, he said:

“It’s an honour to have been chosen for Kenilworth and Southam. This is our chance for a fresh start in our area. I’ll be proud to campaign for a stronger, fairer country, defending our NHS against Boris Johnson’s plans for a No Deal Brexit and protecting our communities from the consequences of ten years of Tory failure.”

Martin McMahon, chair of Kenilworth & Southam Labour Party said:

“We’re backing Antony to be a strong local voice for Kenilworth & Southam on Thursday 12 December. The Tories are holding our area back and real wages for many are still below their 2010 level. Only Labour will bring the real change our community needs.”

To find out more about Antony’s campaign – follow his Facebook page –   or if you are on Twitter –


For more information please contact:

Suzanne Jones – 07813 131350

Email –


Promoted by Suzanne Jones on behalf of Antony Tucker, both at 21a Castle Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1NG


David Epstein’s contribution to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) investigation into antisemitism in the Labour Party.

Our local member David Epstein hopes that his email to the EHRC will be of interest, and has asked us to make it public.

“I am a secular Jew. We celebrate Passover and Chanukah every year. Had I been in Nazi-occupied territory during WW2, I would have been sent to an extermination camp.

My constituency Labour Party (Kenilworth and Southam) has been consistently welcoming to me. When issues relating to antisemitism arose, I was asked for my views. I have frequently addressed the CLP on such issues, and people have welcomed what I had to say.

Our CLP invited JLM to send someone to talk to us, and they sent Stephen Lapsley, who addressed us on 4 June 2018. He was listened to politely, though questions were raised, after Mr. Lapsley had finished speaking, about the corruption of the former chair of JLM, Jeremy Newmark — see the Jewish Chronicle report by Lee Harpin on 8 February 2018 at —

As part of EHRC’s investigation, its officers should study:

Click to access JPR.2017.Antisemitism%20in%20contemporary%20Great%20Britain.pdf

This is one of the few places where one can find reliable statistical evidence, as opposed to anecdotes and false stories in the national press. This study was carried out by JPR (Jewish Policy Research) and CST (Community Security Trust), both Jewish organizations, both funded by Jewish sources.

You should also look at Officers and Commissioners of EHRC can compare their personal records on supporting the Jewish community with those of Jeremy Corbyn, and, in the interests of transparency, let the public know how they compare.”

Signed by David Epstein

Labour Party Membership Number L1369676

Kenilworth and Southam CLP are still on the look out for a Campaign Coordinator!

The responsibilities of the Campaign Coordinator are to:

– Ensure that campaigning is a major element of the CLP

– Coordinates constituency-wide campaigns in conjunction with other officers and with branches

– Liaise with the election agent over election campaign strategies.

– Help to develop constituency campaign resources

– With the CLP Secretary, maintain a list of members’ skills and campaigning preferences.

If you are new to the role other officers will indeed be supportive and are always there for advice and support. If you’re interested in volunteering for the role please contact our Secretary, Nick Hoten via the email address

*This post is strictly members only*

Kenilworth and Southam CLP elect their delegates to Labour Conference!

At our meeting last night the following people were selected as Delegates to Labour Conference in Liverpool in September:

Jane Green – 1st Delegate & Delegate to Women’s Conference

Patrick Jenkins – Youth Delegate

Bethan King – Conference Observer

Leamington Willes Ward By-election

A message to all our supporters from Jerry Weber, Chair of Warwick and Leamington CLP:

Dear supporter,

In June 2017, you helped support Matt Western’s successful parliamentary campaign. I am sure that you are aware that we have a by-election in Leamington Willes on May 3rd. Matt has decided to step down to concentrate on his work in Parliament. Fortunately, we have a fantastic candidate in Helen Adkins.

We need volunteers to help on Polling Day.
Polling Day is enormously important in ensuring that we get the vote out for Labour. This is a call for volunteers on May 3rd. We need people to deliver “Get Out The Vote” cards from about 8am, be at the polling stations during the day and call on our supporters later on in the day. If you can help for as little as an hour, please do put yourself forward. Contact me on

We need to pay for the campaign!
Our campaign has cost the local Party a lot financially. This is call for funds. If each member donated £1, we would have over a £1,000 to support this by-election. So please if you can donate £1 (or a little more if you can) via the Warwick & Leamington donate page. Click here Donate to Helen’s Campaign:
It only takes 2 minutes. I know because I have tried it!

Best wishes


Jerry Weber
Chair, Warwick & Leamington Labour Party

Kenilworth and Southam Labour supports the full implementation of the Chakrabarti Report!

At our CLP meeting on Monday night, members passed the following motion:

The Kenilworth & Southam CLP notes that 21 months on from the Report of the Chakrabarti Inquiry, disciplinary measures in response to complaints and charges against members have continued to be implemented in an arbitrary manner without consistent regard to the key recommendations of the Chakrabarti Report. The CLP reiterates its support for the Chakrabarti Report’s recommendations of due process based on natural justice in dealing with complaints against members. The Report advocates:
• transparency
• presumption of innocence
• reliance on fact-based verified evidence
• reasonable time scales for dealing with cases and for the right of challenge and
• proportionality of disciplinary measures.
We fully support the Chakrabarti Report’s commitment to strengthening a culture of
free speech within the party and its desire that complaints are dealt with as far as
possible through educational means rather than suspensions and exclusions
We are concerned that the Chakrabarti Inquiry Report is not specifically mentioned in
the brief for the Democracy Review.
We call for the new General Secretary and the NEC to reiterate their support for the
key recommendations of the Chakrabarti inquiry Report. We call on them to
implement the recommendations immediately on an independent basis.
We call upon the convenors of the Democracy Review to ensure that there is
opportunity within the Democracy Review to:
• examine the role of party structures that deal with disciplinary and compliance
• flesh out the key recommendations of the Chakrabarti Report and to consider the
best ways to put its principles and recommendations into practice

Our newly elected Committee!

A massive congratulations to our new Officers who were elected at our AGM last night!

Chair – Martin McMahon
Vice Chair – Gay Whymark
Vice Chair (Membership) – Brian Goredema-Braid*
Secretary – Nick Hoten*
Women’s Officer – Helen Wilson
Campaign Co-ordinator – Vacant (Please email for info)
Ethnic Minorities Officer – Jane Soni*
Youth Officer – Patrick Jenkins*
IT Co-ordinator – Patrick Jenkins
Social Media Co-ordinator – Patrick Jenkins*
Delegate to Warwick District Labour – Nick Hoten*
Auditor – Steve Oldham*


An overwhelming thank you of course goes out to Steve Snart and the other Officers who have worked tirelessly over the past year!