A message from Bally Singh

Hi there all – I just wanted to let you know that I have been selected again to be Labour’s Kenilworth and Southam parliamentary candidate for this June’s snap general election. I’m really chuffed with this!

Previously selected in early 2014 by local members from the Kenilworth and Southam constituency, I then secured a strong second place in the 2015 General Election beating UKIP, Liberals and the Greens. Locally I helped efforts to protect Wellesbourne airfield, campaigned for road safety in Kenilworth and Harbury Fosse Way, and helped to block Coal Gasification under the Warwickshire countryside.

This Tory government has overseen the biggest cuts to our public services in a generation, whilst living standards have fallen behind our major competitors with only Greece performing worse for wage growth. The NHS and social care are in crisis, our schools are struggling under the weight of the budget cuts, and cuts to police resources are putting our safety at risk. All this on top of a disastrous Tory hard Brexit which will damage jobs and the economy!

So this is the most important General Election in a generation, but for me the most important thing is that everyone uses their right to vote this June especially the young, no matter for which political party. I would also like to wish my fellow candidates the best of luck.


3 responses to “A message from Bally Singh

  1. Anne Marie Nixon

    Can I just ask why my Daughter’s postal vote is left sitting on a.table in Kenilworth Leyes Lane polling station why are postal votes not going into a sealed box ? I’m not happy about this ,according to the Lady who took the postal vote from me it would go into a bag that was sitting on another table as another person would come later to do this with the postal votes ,I find this extremely disturbing as this is a very busy polling station what is your view on this…..

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