Motion on Grenfell

At the CLP meeting last night in Kenilworth, the following motion as proposed by Chris Mackinder on the Grenfell disaster was passed unanimously:

This CLP expresses profound sympathy for all those who have suffered as a
consequence of the Grenfell Tower disaster.
We do not seek to hide the failings of several governments over a period of years
who have eroded public services by encouraging private companies & business
to provide basic needs such as housing. However, the austerity agenda being
vigorously pursued by the Tory Governement has undoubtedly both damaged and now
cost lives.
Tenants’ voices need to be not only heard but also routinely involved, alongside
trade unions & other bodies (with a direct interest in housing safety & standards
rather than profit), in the day-to-day running of public housing.
This CLP gives full support to
1. Jeremy Corbyn’s calls for urgent measures to both alleviate the immediate
sufferings & needs of those affected
2. Jeremy Corbyn’s more long term measures to reverse cuts & provide the
necessary resources to improve housing conditions across the nation


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