Motion on Warwickshire Children’s Centres

At the CLP meeting last night in Kenilworth, the following motion as proposed by Patrick Jenkins on Warwickshire Children’s centres was passed unanimously:

It is extremely concerning that the County Administration’s proposals to close
all of the Children’s Centres across Warwickshire in 2018 have come about. The
Tories propose to replace the 39 Centres with a handful of Hubs across the
county. This includes closing the Southam Centre and the two Kenilworth
It’s worth spelling out that families will no longer have access to the locality
based services including:
• Free advice & information Family Support drop in sessions,
• Stay and play sessions staffed by trained and experienced professionals;
• Access to professional support for help with issues of debt, housing,
homelessness, returning to education and work; as well as a wide range of
parenting and behaviour management courses and individual services
With this information in mind, Kenilworth and Southam CLP resolves to each of
the members of the Warwickshire Labour Group the following;
1. That the CLP wholly endorses the Labour petition and the cross party
petition against these proposals.
2. That we strongly urge all Labour Councillors to fight these cuts through
every possible avenue.


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