Conference 2017

The below is a report from our delegate to Conference 2017, Patrick Jenkins

Firstly, I wanted to say a massive thank you to the CLP members for selecting me to represent you at Conference – it was a wonderful experience!

Friday 22nd September
• Bumped into Jeremy Corbyn on the sea front – he was lovely!
Saturday 22nd September
• The World Transformed panel event – The Corbyn Effect: Two Years On
• The World Transformed panel event – Whose Job is it anyway? Radical Childcare – included Tracy Brabin, Shadow Minister for Early Years – was open to visiting the CLP to talk about Children’s Centre Cuts as many of you will know I’m very passionate about this.

Sunday 23rd September
• Priorities Ballot – I voted for the issues of the NHS, Social Care, Housing and Access to Education
• Results of Priorities Ballot –
CLP’s – NHS, Housing, Social Care and Rail
Affiliates – Grenfell Tower, Public Sector Pay, Workers Rights and Growth and Investment
• I voted for a reference back on the timetabling for Monday – A delegate had called for it as a mayor (most likely Sadiq Kahn – he was right) was timetabled to speak. I voted for this on the basis that I was very happy for Sadiq to speak (he was very good when he did) but felt other regions should be represented too. It didn’t pass.
• Speech from Dianne Abbott – Made some excellent points on Grenfell, Orgreave and policing, migrants and refugees.
• Exhibitions – managed to speak to a number of stall holders including Guide Dogs who have a site nearby, Electoral Reform, Class and the FBU.
• Regional reception

Monday 24th September
• Reference Back on the NPF report on International Policy calling for a second EU referendum – I voted against this.
• Speech from Emily Thornberry – incredible takedown of Conservative Foreign Policy, great points on selling of arms and Conservative infighting over Brexit.
• Meet the Shadow Cabinet Fringe – Met Cat Smith, Shadow Minister for Youth – again brought up issue of Children’s Centre cuts in Warwickshire
• Reference Back on Economy, Business and Trade Report calling for cuts to Social Care to be reversed – I voted for this, it passed
• John McDonnel Speech – Cracking speech, welcome reverse of PFI!
• Vote – International Policy Report –I voted for – passed
• Alex Rowley Speech – Made some very good points about how Labour moving to the left has reinvigorated the party in Scotland
• Votes – Economy Report, Work and Pensions Report, Composite on Growth and Prosperity, Public Sector Pay and Workers Rights – I voted for all – they all passed.
• Policy Seminar on the Economy – delegates made good points on autonomy, UBI and Brexit among other things. I unfortunately didn’t get to speak and was planning to bring up Green Investment but thankfully it was brought up by another delegate. All submissions go to the NPF which can also be made online.

Tuesday 25th September
• Hardest day of them all – lots of votes, we were very behind due to a lady sadly collapsing on stage and the below card vote taking a while. Thankfully the lady was all right.
• Card Vote on CAC report as Delegate had called reference back on page 18 which related to motions which had been deemed not to be an emergency or contemporary motion by the CAC. I voted for this on the basis that policy doesn’t necessarily have to be contemporary – eg one on A&E from Dorset South CLP.
• Results on card vote – the CAC report was passed due on large part to the Unions
• Financial Report – Very welcome news that the party is no longer in debt due in large part to donations from members
• National Constitutional Committee Ballot – I voted for Emina Ibrahim and Anna Dyer, they won by a very large margin
• Angela Rayner Speech – reverse cuts to Sure Start – Great news for Warwickshire!
• Reference Back on Education Report as delegate had called for all academies to be brought back into local government control – I voted for this, it passed.
• Votes from the morning session and the debate on Health Care was moved to the afternoon session because we were so far behind
• Lunchtime – got to make my speech on Children’s Centres in the Youth Zone as I wasn’t picked during the Early Years and Education debate
• Naomi Klein – Linked our party progress with the international picture
• Reference Back on the Health Report with a delegate calling for there to be no private profits in the NHS as opposed to no “excess” private profits in the NHS – I voted for this, it passed
• Votes – Emergency Motions on Bombardier and Assaults on Emergency Service Workers – I voted for, both passed
Reports on Education and Health – I voted for, both passed
The NEC report – I voted for, passed
NEC Constitutional Amendments – these were the watered down McDonnell amendment, the makeup of the NEC and one on tackling prejudice and discrimination which I think particularly addressed the concerns some had about Antisemitism. I voted for all of these, they all passed
CLP Constitutional Amendments – 8 of which were remitted by those who were timetabled to move and second them. This was due in part to the fact that the NEC had called for this in light of the new party democracy review. One however was moved, this one called for the removal of the word “contemporary” from the rulebook in relation to motions at conference. Again, the NEC recommended voting against it. I voted for this but it did not pass.
Contemporary motions on the NHS, Social Care, Housing, Grenfell Tower, and Rail. I voted for all of these, all passed including the Grenfell one unanimously.
Wednesday 26th September
• Policy Seminar on Housing, Local Government, and Transport – Good points from delegates particularly on unitary authorities
• Welcome from West Midlands Delegates to leaders
• Leaders Speech – highlight was of course housing and rent controls

1. Paperwork – think of the trees!
2. Only having one delegate meant having to prioritise – we are entitled to send up to 3
3. Wasn’t able to speak on the floor – perhaps we need a balloting system so that people from every region can speak?
1. Ability to have an impact on policy
2. Got a bit of recognition for our CLP campaign on Children’s Centres
3. Meeting famous faces/positive atmosphere!

Apologies for all the jargon and acronyms, if anyone needs any of it explaining or has any questions as to why I voted a certain way etc then don’t hesitate to contact me!
Patrick Jenkins – Conference Delegate


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