Stoneleigh and Cubbington By-Election

Cubbington and Stoneleigh by-election results correction:

CON 52.6% (+4%)

LAB 32.6% (+13.9)

LDEM 11.8% (+11.8%)

GRN 3% (-10%)

No Ind (-19.6%) as prev.

Again though a fantastic achievement for Josh and the team to be increasing our vote share by 13.9% while the Tories only increased by 4%. We’re clearly gaining on them and we go now more determined to take seats for Labour and look to the interests of ordinary working people.

After the results Josh also had this to say:

“A big thank you to all electors in Baginton, Cubbington and the other villages who backed me and Labour on Thursday. Thanks for your support. This by-election has established the party as the clear opposition to the Conservatives in the ward. Please feel free to continue to raise local issues with me and the party and we will do our best to help.”


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