Kenilworth and Southam Labour supports the full implementation of the Chakrabarti Report!

At our CLP meeting on Monday night, members passed the following motion:

The Kenilworth & Southam CLP notes that 21 months on from the Report of the Chakrabarti Inquiry, disciplinary measures in response to complaints and charges against members have continued to be implemented in an arbitrary manner without consistent regard to the key recommendations of the Chakrabarti Report. The CLP reiterates its support for the Chakrabarti Report’s recommendations of due process based on natural justice in dealing with complaints against members. The Report advocates:
• transparency
• presumption of innocence
• reliance on fact-based verified evidence
• reasonable time scales for dealing with cases and for the right of challenge and
• proportionality of disciplinary measures.
We fully support the Chakrabarti Report’s commitment to strengthening a culture of
free speech within the party and its desire that complaints are dealt with as far as
possible through educational means rather than suspensions and exclusions
We are concerned that the Chakrabarti Inquiry Report is not specifically mentioned in
the brief for the Democracy Review.
We call for the new General Secretary and the NEC to reiterate their support for the
key recommendations of the Chakrabarti inquiry Report. We call on them to
implement the recommendations immediately on an independent basis.
We call upon the convenors of the Democracy Review to ensure that there is
opportunity within the Democracy Review to:
• examine the role of party structures that deal with disciplinary and compliance
• flesh out the key recommendations of the Chakrabarti Report and to consider the
best ways to put its principles and recommendations into practice

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