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Current Campaigns

County Elections 2017

Our local activists are getting the ball rolling on our campaign to win seats in Warwickshire County Council.

Labour in opposition:

1) Have fought hard against Tory cuts

2) Protected services for our Young People, the home to school budget and library cards for young people

3) Looked after our elderly

4) Improved Community Safety

If Labour win:

1) Restore quality health and social care to Warwickshire – Fight against the loss of health services across the county and to fight for proper funding for adult social care

2) Invest in our next generation – Giving a good start by protecting the childrens centre budget, making a school system that works for all children in warwickshire and ensure there is a clear path to higher education or apprenticeships.

3) Provide affordable energy to the people of Warwickshire – we are planning to use the municipal energy company to combat energy poverty and higher energy prices generally

4) Make Warwickshire’s transport and road network fit-for-purpose

Our candidates are as follows:
Feldon – Matthew Panton
Kineton and Redhorse – Patrick Jenkins
Southam, Stockton and Napton – Ros Grant
Wellesbourne – James Briggs
Cubbington and Leek Wootton – Nick Hoten
Kenilworth Park Hill – Audrey Mullender
Kenilworth St. John’s – Wallace McDowell
Lapworth and West Kenilworth – Josh Payne

For information on campaign days and canvassing contact our Campaigns Co-ordinator, Ros Grant, via email on or our CLP Secretary, Nick Hoten, via email on

Labour In For Britain – The Labour Party is campaigning for Britain to remain in the European Union.

Ros Grant is our Constituency Referendum Officer.

The Kenilworth & Southam Constituency Labour in for Britain Group will be campaigning for a yes vote to remain in the Europe Union. European membership is the key to our countries future and is a strategic as well as economic necessity.


We really need your help with this vital campaign both practically &/or financially.

CLICK HERE to find out more