We usually meet on the first Monday of the month and alternate between Kenilworth and Southam, the two largest towns of the Constituency.

Agenda 12 June 2017 – 7.30pm (Minutes to follow soon!)
Graham Adams Centre (Oak Room), St James Road, Southam CV47 0LY
1 Apologies
2 Minutes of CLP Meeting 3 April 2017
3 Matters arising
4 Executive Committee Minutes, including correspondence
5 Officers’ reports
6 Review of the County Council election results
7 Selection of our candidate for the by election in Cubbington and
Stoneleigh (following the resignation of Conservative councillor Nick
Harrington on 13 May). Note that only members resident in Warwick
District are entitled to vote
8 Review of the General Election result
9 Nomination for National Executive Committee
10 Nomination for Conference Arrangements Committee
11 Suggested new Branch
12 Any other business
13 Dates and venues of future meetings


Minutes 3 April 2017 – CLP meeting held at Graham Adams Centre (Oak Room),
St James’s Road, Southam CV47 0LY

Present: Steve Snart (Chair), Nick Hoten (Secretary), C Canty, G Clarke, D Epstein,
B Goredema-Braid, R Grant, D Hazeldine, I Henderson, D Ho, B Jenkins, P Luker, C
Mackinder, M McMahon, M Norgate, A O’Donnell, M Panton, F & G Parisi, J Payne,
C Simmons, D Smith, J Soni, G Whymark, H Wilson (25)

1. Apologies were received from G Betts, J Eastaugh, P Jenkins, L McMahon, C
Pratt, A & R Taylor, G & B Thomas (9)

2. Minutes of the CLP meeting held on 6 February January 2017. Passed

3. Matters arising
(1) 1daywithoutus. Brian Goredema-Braid said there would be more events
(2) NH said that our Unite speaker would now visit us on 8 May

4. Executive Committee minutes
Ref AOB Item 7 (1) Martin McMahon announced there will be a
public meeting for parents and others to discuss the new funding formula
which will result in £800 less spent per pupil in Warwicks schools. Date
this Wednesday, venue Dale St Methodist Church, L/S

5. Chairman’s Report
(i) SS repeated his wish that members tell him what they want from
(ii) He congratulated one and all for submitting nomination papers for
every division in the county elections

6. Secretary’s Report
(1) Membership numbers. Since the last meeting membership has fallen to
625 from 643; supporters are up from 252 to 254
(2) West Midlands Region. NH reported that CPLs would soon be able to
nominate a candidate for the Regional Council and attend the annual
conference. More next meeting
(3) Clare Ayton-Edwards had been in touch to advise that she has been
banned from the Party for 5 years. As we have been giving Clare some
support NH was asked to get copies of the judgement from her

7. Social Media Report
SS circulated a report by Patrick Jenkins, new Social Media Officer. He
encouraged members to visit our sites and participate, thereby raising
our profile

8. Treasurer’s Report
NH read from JE’s Income and Expenditure Report for 1st Jan to 31 Mar.
Opening balance £2,192.30, closing balance £1,770.16. Payments
included three to Ros Grant for leaflets totalling £370.50.
JE promises a full 12 month report when our former bank has granted JE
online access to our account details.

9. Campaigns Reports
(1) On her WCC election campaign, RG thanked colleagues who helped
with her stall, highlighting local issues, in Southam last weekend.
(2)She is concerned that her spends on materials may take her over the
legal limit. She has issued a newsletter, delivered leaflets and set up a
Facebook page called Southam, Napton on the Hill & Stockton Labour
Community Pages but it may come up as ‘Standing up for Southam’.
She has been promised up to £110 for social media costs, has been
told she can spend up to £500 from our funds by JE and been offered
‘Get out to vote’ leaflets costing up to £400.

10. County Council elections – general
(1) NH confirmed that as well as 8 candidate nominations we have been
working on 6 personalised leaflets (time constraints ruling out
Wellesbourne and Kineton and Red Horse)
(2) NH circulated a leaflet with details of how to help RG and John Holland
(3) He said that the 9th division in our constituency, Dunsmore and Leam
Valley, is being contested by Bob Hughes, sponsored by Rugby CLP

11. Future meetings – topics for discussion
Members suggested: homelessness; employment practices and the ‘basic
income’; inequality and wealth redistribution; public debt; prospects for
young people; the ten pledges; social democracy in Europe; Education
cuts; Local Election Results. To be discussed by the EC .

12. Future meetings – dates and venues
(1) NH said the next CPL General Members meeting will be held on
MONDAY 8 May (avoiding Easter) at Waverley Day Centre, Waverley
Road, Kenilworth CV8 1JL starting at 7.30 pm
(2) NH said there seems less urgency to switch to an alternative day of the
week. In Kenilworth, the WDC Labour Group will meet less often on
first Mondays, and in Southam the Oak Room may be big enough

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