The CLP usually meets on the first Monday of the month and alternates between Kenilworth and Southam, the two largest towns of the Constituency.

Minutes 8 January 2018 CLP meeting held at The Kenilworth Centre

Present: Steve Snart (Chair), Nick Hoten (Secretary), 28 other members

1 Apologies were received from 11 members

2 Minutes of the CLP meeting held on 6 November 2017. Passed

3 Matters arising.
Item 5b) 100 Club. NH announced that Carla Skinner had agreed to take over from Caryll Green.
Items 7 and 8 Motions from David Epstein and Patrick Jenkins. NH said he has not received any acknowledgements from the recipients.
Item 12 Christmas Social at the Clarendon Arms. Members agreed that the evening, organised by SS, was a great success. The 20 members present achieved a modest surplus from the raffle and Brian Goredema Braid delivered the quiz

4 Executive Committee minutes 23 October 2017. Noted

5 Secretary’s report
a) NH said that Malcolm Norgate who lived in Ladbroke had sadly died. He had joined the Party in 2009 and was a regular at CLP meetings.
b) NH summarised the latest Executive Committee minutes of Warwick and Leamington CLP which he receives regularly, may be of interest. They discussed plans for regular newsletters; they agreed to work with the Green Party on specific campaigning
issues; and they discussed ideas for an environmental programme

6 Treasurer’s report

7 Talk on developments in the NHS
Richard Grimes outlined the changes to the structure and funding of the NHS from its origins after the War. Nowadays, as more proposals are made to put services out to tender it is vital that members of the public attend public consultations and put their views to ensure that public sector providers are supported.
Contracts soon to be awarded in Warwickshire: Muscular skeletal services
(‘profitable’ unlike, say, A&E); Ophthalmology services; and GP extended hours. New developments: Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) and Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs)

8 Clare Ayton-Edwards
Clare was expelled from the Party in March 2017 for supporting a candidate from a rival Party in a by election. She missed her chance to appeal and any application from her for reinstatement will only be considered after five years. She has asked the CLP to take up her case with the Party’s Compliance Unit. In view of Clare’s mental health problems and the support she is receiving from other Twitter users the meeting resolved to write to the Unit asking them to reconsider their decision.

9 Revived Kenilworth Branch
Kevin Purdy said that 18 members had attended an open meeting and a
further meeting is planned for later in January – a circular letter will follow.

10 Any other business
1) Patrick Jenkins invited members to get involved in the Young Labour elections. See
2) Chris Edgington said that two meetings that may be of interest are coming up later in the week – the Health and Wellbeing Board and Kenilworth Town Council. He asked if information on meetings like these could be made more easily available to members.

Minutes 6th November 2017 – CLP Meeting held Graham Adams Centre, Southam

Present: Steve Snart (Chair), Nick Hoten (Secretary), 20 other members

1 Apologies were received from 11 members

2 Minutes of the CLP meeting held on 2 October 2017. Passed

3 Matters arising.
By election campaign: Josh Payne said we should start preparing for the 2019 District and Town Council elections now, identify the most winnable seats and produce newsletters which help to engage and motivate our supporters as well as attract undecided voters

4 Executive Committee minutes 23 October 2017. Noted

5 Matters arising
a) NH said that our 4 members of the Warwick District Campaign Forum are Ian Henderson, Josh Payne, Brian Goredema-Braid and Nicola Jones
The first 3, along with NH, were present at the closure of the predecessor group (Warwick District Labour Party) and the formation of WDLCF
b) 100 Club. NH said he has not heard from anyone with an offer to take over

6 Vice Chair (membership) report
BG said that there are now 685 members in the CLP, 409 Kenilworth and 276 Southam. Numbers are holding steady

7 Motion from David Epstein
Kenilworth and Southam CLP calls for the rapid implementation of the
Chakrabarti recommendations’ proposed by Shami Chakrabarti in April 2016.
This was carried unanimously

8 Motion from Patrick Jenkins
This CLP expresses deep sympathy for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and all her friends and family who have been affected by her over 500 days incarceration by Iranian authorities.
We call on the Government and in particular the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to do more than simply express concern. For someone who appears to have committed no known crime and with particular poor treatment while being in prison, more must be done. We therefore also call for Nazanin’s immediate release. Should the Free Nazanin Campaign require any help or assistance, be that through solidarity and symbolism or by more substantive action, this CLP will endeavour to be of help.
This was carried unanimously

9 Party Conference and Women’s Party Conference
SS led a discussion on the issues raised by PJ and BJ. He hoped that eventually we could produce a regular newsletter containing our thoughts on the major issues of the day. Jane Soni said that a newsletter must tackle issues of local relevance
Topics discussed: NHS experiences (possible speaker in the New Year); State pensions (especially the WASPI campaign against the injustice suffered by many women born in the 1950s); Unfairness of some employment practices (especially zero hours contracts); Education (concern over planned academy status of Kenilworth School, cost of travel to FE colleges); Housing (leasehold status of some new homes, feasibility of rent control)

10 Kenilworth Branch news
The steering group invite Kenilworth members to join the working party in
planning activities. Contact Sarah Purdy on

11 New Red Horse Branch
RG said that members have decided on the wards to be included and are
keen for the CLP to give the go-ahead

12 Christmas social
SS announced that 9 have booked so far. Another 10 or more then put
their names down.

13 Next general meeting in Kenilworth on Monday 8 January 2018

Minutes 10th October 2017 – Redhorse Branch Meeting held at Gaydon Village Hall

Present : DG, MA, RG, TH, DP, BP

1 Apologies: IJ, EH, JR, PH

2 Minutes from previous meeting accepted.

3 Red Horse Boundary
RG introduced the matter of our Boundaries, this needs to be decided so that the group can be recognised by the West Midlands Regional office.
After a short discussion it was suggested that we include Wellesbourne and Kineton wards, including Burton Dassett.
TH proposed, MA seconded. Agreed by all.

4 National Day of Action 25 November.
This will be held after the Budget. It was agreed to set a table in Wellesbourne as before.
TH suggested that the last event was more successful when three or more members were present. The timetable was agreed between members.

5 RG suggested a Christmas social – with maybe a raffle fund raiser and said that Peter had offered his daughters to help him to organise a quiz. Members agreed it would be early next year probably in Kineton Village Hall but to be discussed when Peter was present. RG suggested the group went for a meal before Christmas. Action RG to circulate dates.

BP reported back about BBCs Any Questions

Date of next meeting:
28 November 2017 St Peters Hall Wellesbourne.
The meeting closed at 9.30pm

Minutes 2nd October 2017 – CLP Meeting held at the Waverley Day Centre, Kenilworth

Present: Steve Snart (Chair), Nick Hoten (Secretary), 21 other members
1 Apologies were received from 12 members

2 Minutes of the CLP meeting held on 4 September 2017. Passed

3 Matters arising. None

4 Executive Committee minutes 19 September 2017. Passed

5 Matters arising.

6 Correspondence: None

7 Treasurer’s Report (delivered by NH)
The 100 Club winners for July to September were drawn. An application form for the last vacancy was handed out

8 Secretary’s report
NH reported no response to his appeal for a member to attend the West Midlands Labour Party Regional Conference on 3 March 2018. Jane Green agreed to take up the place

9 Update on the by election campaign Stoneleigh and Cubbington
Josh Payne said that he’s encouraged by the response of residents on the doorstep. He thanked the many canvassing and leaflet delivering members

10 Discussion on the economy led by guest James Plaskitt
James reviewed UK’s poor economic performance since 2010 – attributable mainly to low productivity/investment and retention of cash balances by the corporate sector. He criticised the Party’s current policies. Spending not fully funded; lacking fiscal credibility; re-nationalisation plans lacking detail; banking reforms too timid.
His proposals: Flexible corporation tax rates, varying with investment levels; Regional Investment Banks to involve local authorities and other interested parties; corporate governance reforms; a transaction tax to make more businesses liable; and withdrawal of unjustifiable tax allowances and exemptions eg 40% relief on pension contributions.
After a Q&A session he was thanked for his illuminating talk on a subject that many struggle with.

11 Women’s Party Conference
Bernie Jenkins reported on the events she’d attended and her overall impressions. A summary of her report will be circulated separately

12 Party Conference 24 – 27 September
Patrick Jenkins did the same. A summary of his report will also be circulated separately

13 Kenilworth Branch news
Kevin Purdy announced that the steering group will soon contact Kenilworth members with ideas for meetings and activities

14 Christmas social
Following last year’s very successful social in Long Itchington, Steve reported that he has booked an area in the Clarendon Arms, Kenilworth for Thursday 7th December this year. He is keen to hear from everyone who wants to attend (guests will be welcome),
Donations of prizes will be needed as there will be a quiz and a raffle.
Contact or phone 01926 854594

Minutes 19 September 2017 – Red Horse Branch Meeting at the meeting room in St Peters Church Hall 8pm

Present :
Ken Manning Guest speaker Wellesbourne allotments, Sharon Underhill support to guest speaker, Roz, Hazel, John, Maggie, Peter, Denise, Bernard and Debbie

1 Apologies:
Ei and Tony Hughes, Sarah Leonard, Denise, Ian and Harriet

2 Minutes from previous meeting accepted.

3 Matters arising:
Debbie said she had not written to FORSE as it was thought to be suspended at present
Action: Maggie to informally enquire about FORSE when she sees Laura Steele.

4 Report from Treasurer.

5 30 September is National Campaign Day. Leaflets are available but content not known yet. They will be available on 28 September.
Action: Debbie to ask Ei and Tony Hughes to organise table in Wellesbourne 9.30-12.30 Maggie, John and Bernard offered possible support. Debbie to pick up leaflets and table from Roz on 28 September. Also print off Allotment petition

6 Wellesbourne allotments,
The meeting listened to a highly detailed talk from Ken M on the history and present
position of Wellesbourne allotments, which is threatened by the present ‘Owners’ the Church of England who had identified the site as suitable for housing. The Vale of the Red Horse Labour Party is keen to offer support. There is to be a protest march to Stratford District Council planned in the future and we agreed to join this.
Action: John to advise Ken Manning the names of members of the PCC and Deanery Synod
Ken’s email is
Ros thanked Ken for his fascinating talk.

7 Red Horse Boundary
Roz then said there would have to be agreement with Southam LP as to the boundaries of our groups.

Issues to be aware of:
Morton Morrell playing fields
The traffic impact of Barford Quarry.
Date of next meeting:
Tuesday 17 October 8pm
Gaydon Village Hall

Minutes 4th September 2017 – CLP Meeting held at Southam Graham Adams Centre, Southam

Present: Steve Snart (Chair), Nick Hoten (Secretary), 16 other members

1 Apologies were received from 19 members

2 Minutes of the CLP meeting held on 3 July 2017. Passed

3 Matters arising. None

4 Executive Committee minutes 23 August 2017. Passed

5 Matters arising. None

6 Correspondence. None

7 Treasurer’s Report

8 Secretary’s report
NH reported the current CLP membership is 689

9 Position of Vice Chair (membership)
Brian Goredema-Braid was unanimously chosen

10 Address by Corinne Davies
Corinne explained the County Council’s plans for children’s services. 39 children’s centres will be replaced by 12 ‘hubs’. Other schemes such as the Priority Families Initiative have also been subject to drastic cuts. With only 10 councillors the Party has little influence over decisions but the county-wide campaign may bring pressure to bear.
She was thanked for sparing the time to talk to us and bringing us up to date.

11 Party Conference
Patrick Jenkins was given about 12 topics to concentrate on when choosing which events to attend.

12 Women’s Party Conference
CLPs are invited to nominate candidates for posts on the Conference Arrangements Committee. Two posts are to be filled. The meeting voted unanimously to nominate the only two candidates we are aware of – Jean Crocker and Teresa Clark

13 Stoneleigh and Cubbington by election update

14 Any Other Business
a) Ros Grant suggested a percentage of CLP income should be regularly passed on to the branches. To be discussed at the next EC meeting
b) Ros announced she would be resigning at the next AGM
c) Venue for the Southam bi-monthly CLP meeting. Helen Wilson suggested the local Social Club which is available free of charge. To be discussed at the next EC meeting
d) Archie Taylor recommended members study the Warwick District Local Plan for the implications for the Green Belt and other aspects

15 Next CLP Meeting will be on the 6th of November at the Graham Adams Centre

Minutes 22 August 2017 – Red Horse Branch held at Kineton Village Hall
Apologies: Ian Jones, Tony Hughes, Harriet, John Rickman.
Present: PH, BC, CE, DG, HH, SL, BP,EH, MA, DP, RG
Ros welcomed Patrick Jenkins Social Media Officer CLP and Steve Snart Chair Kenilworth and Southam CLP.

1 Minutes of previous meeting read and agreed. Amendments Hazel H to be included on email list.

2 Matters arising: Closure of Gaydon footpath is responsibility of Highways Dept and will reopen in October. Concerns raised about traffic using B4100 when new town built: Ei H. reported discrepancies between SDC and Jaguar Landrover re. Volume of traffic presently using the road. Action: DP to write to Laura Steele, Chair of FORSE to ask for our group to be kept informed of further developments in issues relating to infrastructure in the area.
Ei also reported the Village Hall in Lighthorne Heath cannot be used for public meetings due to a collapsed floor. Action: Steve Snart to ask Head of Education Committee if school can be used instead.

3 Treasurers Report

4 Steve Snart talked about why he was a lifelong member of the LP. He believes Neo Liberalism has led to the crisis today in underfunding. Housing, NHS, Education; Taxation should be used to benefit all. He also talked about the increasing gulf between the pay of the bosses and the average employee:- 14% in 1979 and 76% in 2017.

5 Patrick Jenkins addressed the meeting over the concern we had expressed about attracting young people. He felt, although not an expert, young people were more interested in social media and being active during election campaigns. The LP agenda of free education and rent control was appealing to them.
A discussion ensued. Ros provided YouGov statistics putting Labour support on 46% and
giving details of % of voters age groups.
Patrick to continue posting information from our group.
All to bring local issues to the meeting to raise our profile in the area.
Planning another street stall which may focus on education, Ros to look into availability
of leaflets.

6 Update on the Allotment Campaign
Hazel updated the meeting on the Wellesbourne Allotment fight. A letter from Jeremy Wright MP was read out. Bernard P read out the letter he had written to Jeremy Corbyn, as yet no reply. Various ways of supporting the fight were suggested but Hazel contacted the group during the meeting and it was decided to be guided by them. The group has a Facebook page
Patrick to put on social media
Peter to speak to Vicar of Kineton as he is a member of the Diocese involved.
Ros to organise a speaker for the next meeting.
John Rickman to be asked to include vegetables on next poster
Hazel to find out how much support is needed by the allotment committee.

Local reps to find cheap places to hold meetings.
Ros to keep Chris at the Stratford Herald informed about issues we were involved in.
Ros thanked Steve and Patrick for coming.

8 Date of next meeting
19 September at the meeting room in St Peters Church Hall 8pm

Minutes 25 July 2017 – Red Horse Branch held at Lighthorne Village Hall
Present: Carol, George, Maggie, Tony, Ei, Carol C, Debbie, John, Bernard, Denise, Hazel, Ron and one other (name not recorded).
Apologies: LH, Emma, Sarah, Leonard, Ian and Harriet.
For information: Temp Chair Ros, Vice Chair John, Treasurer Peter, Rep for CLP. Maggie, Secretary Debbie

1 Minutes of last meeting were read and agreed.

2 Matters arising – John was thanked for creating letterhead and posters. Requests for copies please email John directly.

3 Street stall in Wellesbourne – Purpose to advertise Labour Party and gain signatures for wellesbourne allotment campaign. Ei Tony and Roz manned stall for approx 45 minutes before rained off. Ei reported most people polite.

4. Allotment campaign: Bernard suggested contacting Jeremy Corbyn to gain his support. This was agreed. ACTION: Bernard to write letter.

5. Members responsible for booking Venues for future meetings: Lighthorne – Maggie, Kineton – Sarah, Wellesbourne – Denise, Gaydon – John

6. Treasurers report

Items for Discussion:

7. How to attract young people to meetings: Issues which were thought relevant; Student loans and position of party to cancelling debt, Post Brexit travel and study in Europe, Environmental issues. ACTION: Roz agreed to invite Patrick to next meeting.

8. Local issues which are causing concern: Closure of public footpaths in Wellesbourne and Gaydon. ACTION: Carol and John to investigate.
Ei and Tony had leafletted Gaydon and Lighthorne Heath before meeting and issues raised by people were New Town and traffic on B4100. ACTION: Ei to ring Stratford Council for info. She also agreed to try and find a venue in Lighthorne Heath.

9. The meeting agreed that occasional speakers would be a good idea. Speaker coordinator – Hazel

10. Further items for discussion: The Repeal Act, The Unite discussion paper on how to regain the working class vote again. A lively debate ensured.

11. AOB: It was agreed that the next meeting would be a general one and the September meeting would be in Wellesbourne to celebrate the historical connection of Joseph Arch and the allotments.

The meeting closed at 9.40 pm approximately

Date of next meeting 22 August 2017 8pm

Minutes 3 July 2017 – CLP meeting held at Waverley Day Centre, Waverley Road, Kenilworth CV8 1JL

Present: Glesni Thomas (Vice Chair), Nick Hoten (Secretary), 44 other members

1 Apologies were received from 15 members

2 Minutes of the CLP meeting held on 12 June 2017. Passed

3 Matters arising – JE said that he could not analyse subscriptions as they are received from Party HQ without individuals being identified.

4 Executive Committee minutes 23 June 2017. Passed

5 Matters arising – None

6 Secretary’s Report – Membership now approaching 700

7 Campaign Co-ordinator’s Report – Ros Grant reported on the initial meeting of the ‘Red Horse’ new branch. Successful street stalls had been held in Wellesbourne and Southam, one on 1st July the Day of Action. Members of the public as well as Party members had signed the Children’s Centres petition organised by the Labour County Councillors. A burning issue in Wellesbourne is the proposed development of land occupied by allotments.

8 Treasurer’s Report

9 Social Media Report – Patrick Jenkins has asked that his full social media report for the meeting on 12 June should be sent out. He concentrated on the planned closure of children’s centres. See item 16 below

10 Guest speaker from Unite – NH has not heard from Neil Salter so it is assumed he is too busy to speak to us

11 Labour candidate in the Cubbington and Bubbenhall by-election – Josh Payne briefly identified himself and hoped the election would be called for mid-September

12 Position of vice chair (membership) – Two members expressed an interest in this position but only one was present. A vote was taken, but GT recommended the issue should be revisited at the next meeting when it is hoped both candidates will be present

13 National Labour Party Day of Action – See item 7 above

14 Kenilworth Branch – These members agreed to form an action group: Liz Hough, Wallace McDowell, Kevin Purdy and Maggie Steven

15 Motion proposed by Chris Mackinder

This amended motion was unanimously approved:

“This CLP expresses profound sympathy for all those who have suffered as a consequence of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

We do not seek to hide the failings of several governments over a period of years who have eroded public services by encouraging private companies & business to provide basic needs such as housing. However, the austerity agenda being vigorously pursued by the Tory Govt. has undoubtedly both damaged and now cost lives.

Tenants’ voices need to be not only heard but also routinely involved, alongside trade unions & other bodies (with a direct interest in housing safety & standards rather than profit), in the day-to-day running of public housing.

This CLP gives full support to

1. Jeremy Corbyn’s calls for urgent measures to both alleviate the immediate sufferings & needs of those affected

2. Jeremy Corbyn’s more long term measures to reverse cuts & provide the necessary resources to improve housing conditions across the nation


3. The workers and volunteers who were put under intolerable pressure following an incident they did not bring about”

16 Motion proposed by Patrick Jenkins

This motion was unanimously approved:

“It is extremely concerning that the County Administration’s proposals to close all of the Children’s Centres across Warwickshire in 2018 have come about. The Tories propose to replace the 39 Centres with a handful of Hubs across the county. This includes closing the Southam Centre and the 2 Kenilworth Centres.

It’s worth spelling out that families will no longer have access to the locality based services including:

  • Free advice & information Family Support drop in sessions,
  • Stay and play sessions staffed by trained and experienced professionals;
  • Access to professional support for help with issues of debt, housing, homelessness, returning to education and work; as well as a wide range of parenting and behaviour management courses and individual services

With this information in mind, Kenilworth and Southam CLP resolves to each of the members of the Warwickshire Labour Group the following;

  1. That the CLP wholly endorses the Labour petition and the cross party petition against these proposals.


  1. That we strongly urge all Labour Councillors to fight these cuts through every possible avenue.”

17 Any other business

a) Speakers for future meetings. RG suggested about four should be booked per year and one member be the organiser. James Plaskitt was recommended for a talk on the economy; Mary-Anne Stevenson another possibility

b) Wallace registered a protest at the sacking of pro-Remain Labour front bench spokesman in Parliament

c) Bransby Thomas revealed that the latest estimated total cost of HS2 is over £200bn. NH will attach a copy of a letter dated 1 February 2017 from Kelvin Hopkins MP to the Stop HS2 group

d) At the suggestion of Phil Luker, members agreed to purchase a megaphone/mike and speaker for use at outdoor events, maximum spend £40.

18 Future meetings

There will be no general meeting in August. The next will be held on Monday 4 September at the Graham Adams Centre (Oak Room), St James Road, Southam CV47 0LY starting 7.30 pm.

Minutes 12 June 2017 – CLP meeting held at Graham Adams Centre (Oak Room),
St James’s Road, Southam CV47 0LY
Present: Steve Snart (Chair), Nick Hoten (Secretary), M Atkins, D Booth, N
Charles (supporter), G Clarke, A Dealtry, R Grant, C Green, D Hazeldine, I
Henderson, B Jenkins, P Jenkins, N Leggett, P Luker, C Mackinder, M Norgate, M
Panton, F Parisi, C Sanderson, D Smith, J Snart, B&G Thomas, E Thornley, O
Wintle, G Whymark, H Wilson (28)

1 Apologies were received from S Burt, J Eastaugh, D Epstein, D French, B
Goredema-Braid, L&M McMahon, G Parisi, A Railton, D&C Skinner, J Soni, M
Stock and A & R Taylor (15)

2 Minutes of the CLP meeting held on 3 April 2017 – Passed

3 Matters arising
NH said that our Unite speaker Neil Salter would now visit us on 3 July

4 Executive Committee minutes 27 April 2017. These were summarised by SS.
Copies available on request

5 Chairman’s Report
SS congratulated the many members who had taken part in the two elections
campaigns. In response to requests for help from our friends in Warwick and
Leamington, Rugby and Coventry constituencies some members had also
canvassed for their candidates. Bally’s vote was higher than 2015 and left the Lib
Dems a long way behind.

6 Secretary’s Report
(1) Membership numbers. We now have 650 members and 251 supporters. 50
members have joined since the last meeting and 20 have resigned or allowed
their membership to lapse
(2) NH reported that he had attended two meetings of the Warwick District
Group of Labour councillors and two of the Warwick and Leamington CLP
meetings (campaigning).

7 Social Media Report – written report from PJ:
Firstly, I’d say very well done to Bally on decreasing the Tory majority and also congratulations to Matt Western in Warwick and Leamington. Social Media without a doubt had a positive effect in my opinion, particularly and predictably among the young vote.
Twitter Account: @LabourKandS – since my last report we have increased our amount of followers from 136 to 293!
Facebook Page: – we have increased out amount of “likes” from 104 to 158 with some posts reaching between 2 and 3 thousand people!
Facebook Group: – the group membership currently stands at 55 up from 48!
Website: – I’ve made a number of posts on the site announcing important information such as Bally’s candidature and the results of the election as well as CLP agendas and minutes and this format seems to be going well.
Finally, as always please like, share and follow each of our sites as much as you can!!!

8 Treasurer’s Report

9 Campaigns Report
i RS thanked the many volunteers who campaigned for both elections. Street
stalls in Southam and Kenilworth were generally well received. For the general
election we delivered so many leaflets that Bally had to order a new batch.
ii In the general election Bally produced a second batch of leaflets with a more
aggressive style which was not so well received.
For the future, she would like to establish a database of streets and voting
patterns using Campaign Coordinator, for the benefit of HQ and the CLP. There
was some interest amongst members in taking the role of database coordinator.
Nick would be asked to circulate a letter to all members.
iii As the next election could be months away, she suggested that we plan to help
Matt Western hold on to his newly won seat. Maybe as many as 60% of
volunteers could canvas in Warwick and Leamington.
iv Comments from members: one, in a rural area, reported seeing Labour
posters and leaflets for the first time. Another was told by a passer-by at a street
stall ‘We only see you at election time!’

10 Review of county council elections
Points made:
A We lost, but the campaigning helped produce a better result at the general
B It is beneficial to attend the count. As bags of voting slips are brought in from
the polling stations and counted, we can measure the support we have in
different wards (this is of limited help as postal votes are not included)
C RG was disappointed with her result in the election. Despite a lot of hard work,
she was up against a sitting councillor who was well known and liked, so
Southam was not a proper ‘Category 2’ seat.
D There is scope for Labour to be more involved with spreading news and views
of what’s going on in the CLP’s towns

11 Labour candidate in the Cubbington and Bubbenhall by-election
NH revealed that Josh Payne has expressed an interest in applying. However, he
was not present at the meeting and had not sent his apologies. As no one else
Kenilworth and Southam CLP
Minutes 12 June 2017
was known to be interested, the meeting decided unanimously to delegate the
final decision to the Executive Committee at its next meeting.
It has been agreed with the Warwick District Party (chair, Ian Henderson) that
we would not call for the election until July, so the poll would be held in

12 Review of the general election
Bally Singh was thanked for his energetic, committed campaign and
congratulated on an improved result over 2015.
Observations from members:
The quality of the Party manifesto helped win votes
Social media had influenced voting intentions
The print media had much less influence than in previous elections
Jeremy Corbyn had earned respect for countering hostility and denigration
The Momentum movement had contributed significantly
Labour were better prepared for the election than the Tories

13 Nominations for National Constitutional Committee representatives
Anna Dyer and Emine Ibrahim were chosen by a majority vote

14 Nominations for Conference Arrangements Committee
Billy Hayes and Seema Chandwani were chosen by a majority vote

15 Suggested new branch
Ros claimed that Gaydon, Kineton and Wellesbourne are under-represented in
the CLP. She asked for consent to setting up a new branch which would not
detract from the rest of the current Southam branch. It was agreed that a circular
be sent to all members in those wards. An initial meeting could be held in a hired
room and (essential) a chair and secretary be appointed

16 The 100 Club
Caryll Green announced the winners of the April, May and June draws as well as
the June half-yearly prize – see overleaf.
There are a few ‘empty’ numbers. Anyone wishing to join can contact Caryll on

17 Next meetings
The next all-member meeting will be held at the Waverley Day Centre,
Kenilworth on Monday 3 July 2017, start 7.30 pm
There will be no August meeting

Minutes 3 April 2017 – CLP meeting held at Graham Adams Centre (Oak Room),
St James’s Road, Southam CV47 0LY
Present: Steve Snart (Chair), Nick Hoten (Secretary), C Canty, G Clarke, D Epstein, B Goredema-Braid, R Grant, D Hazeldine, I Henderson, D Ho, B Jenkins, P Luker, C Mackinder, M McMahon, M Norgate, A O’Donnell, M Panton, F & G Parisi, J Payne, C Simmons, D Smith, J Soni, G Whymark, H Wilson (25)

1. Apologies were received from G Betts, J Eastaugh, P Jenkins, L McMahon, C
Pratt, A & R Taylor, G & B Thomas (9)

2. Minutes of the CLP meeting held on 6 February January 2017. Passed

3. Matters arising
(1) 1daywithoutus. Brian Goredema-Braid said there would be more events
(2) NH said that our Unite speaker would now visit us on 8 May

4. Executive Committee minutes
Ref AOB Item 7 (1) Martin McMahon announced there will be a
public meeting for parents and others to discuss the new funding formula
which will result in £800 less spent per pupil in Warwicks schools. Date
this Wednesday, venue Dale St Methodist Church, L/S

5. Chairman’s Report
(i) SS repeated his wish that members tell him what they want from
(ii) He congratulated one and all for submitting nomination papers for
every division in the county elections

6. Secretary’s Report
(1) Membership numbers. Since the last meeting membership has fallen to
625 from 643; supporters are up from 252 to 254
(2) West Midlands Region. NH reported that CPLs would soon be able to
nominate a candidate for the Regional Council and attend the annual
conference. More next meeting
(3) Clare Ayton-Edwards had been in touch to advise that she has been
banned from the Party for 5 years. As we have been giving Clare some
support NH was asked to get copies of the judgement from her

7. Social Media Report
SS circulated a report by Patrick Jenkins, new Social Media Officer. He
encouraged members to visit our sites and participate, thereby raising
our profile

8. Treasurer’s Report

9. Campaigns Reports
(1) On her WCC election campaign, RG thanked colleagues who helped
with her stall, highlighting local issues, in Southam last weekend.
(2)She is concerned that her spends on materials may take her over the
legal limit. She has issued a newsletter, delivered leaflets and set up a
Facebook page called Southam, Napton on the Hill & Stockton Labour
Community Pages but it may come up as ‘Standing up for Southam’.
She has been promised up to £110 for social media costs, has been
told she can spend up to £500 from our funds by JE and been offered
‘Get out to vote’ leaflets costing up to £400.

10. County Council elections – general
(1) NH confirmed that as well as 8 candidate nominations we have been
working on 6 personalised leaflets (time constraints ruling out
Wellesbourne and Kineton and Red Horse)
(2) NH circulated a leaflet with details of how to help RG and John Holland
(3) He said that the 9th division in our constituency, Dunsmore and Leam
Valley, is being contested by Bob Hughes, sponsored by Rugby CLP

11. Future meetings – topics for discussion
Members suggested: homelessness; employment practices and the ‘basic
income’; inequality and wealth redistribution; public debt; prospects for
young people; the ten pledges; social democracy in Europe; Education
cuts; Local Election Results. To be discussed by the EC .

12. Future meetings – dates and venues
(1) NH said the next CPL General Members meeting will be held on
MONDAY 8 May (avoiding Easter) at Waverley Day Centre, Waverley
Road, Kenilworth CV8 1JL starting at 7.30 pm
(2) NH said there seems less urgency to switch to an alternative day of the
week. In Kenilworth, the WDC Labour Group will meet less often on
first Mondays, and in Southam the Oak Room may be big enough

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