Young delegate from Southam takes his concerns to the top


Young delegate from Southam takes his concerns to the top

Patrick Jenkins, aged 20, took his concerns about the impact of Tory austerity to the very top of the Labour Party, at this weeks annual conference in Brighton.

He was able to make a speech about the proposal to close Southam’s children’s centre and then raise the issue directly with Cat Smith, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Youth Affairs.

‘In Southam, where I am a town councillor, I have been leading the local Labour Party campaign to highlight the damage that Tory austerity is causing,’ he said.

‘In spite of this, the Tory County Council are currently going ahead with drastic cuts and now they’ve come forward with a proposal that could see my town’s children’s centre close, along with 26 others in the county. All gone.

‘These centres are a lifeline for parents and children. They provide family support and advice, safeguarding from domestic violence, a place for parents to come together and feel part of the cola community.

‘And, of course, we’re all worried about the very serious harm that might arise, due to vulnerable children slipping through that vital safety net.

He went on to say, ‘But the Tory ideologues do not see that. They use the dogma that there is not enough money, but they’ve managed to fill the pockets of the DUP.

‘However, we in the Labour Party know that there is a different choice. That it does not have to be this way. That young parents and children can rely upon us to safeguard their public services.

‘That is what Labour can do. For the many, not the few.’


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Any Questions?

On the 6th October Southam College are hosting Radio 4’s Any Questions. On the panel we have been told that Keir Starmer, Andrea Leadsom and Caroline Lucas will be attending. If any Labour Party members are interested in coming along please email Rebekah Beeston via email on

Stoneleigh and Cubbington by-election

As you all know Josh Payne is standing for us in the Stoneleigh and Cubbington by-election. He’s asked us to let members know that the formal schedule for canvassing will be available very soon – next week at the latest.

All members and supporters of the party welcome to join in! If you’d like to get involved then please contact Josh via email on

Nominations to Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee

At our meeting on the 4th of September we nominated the following people to the Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee of the Labour Party:

Teresa Clark – Women’s Officer and Secretary of her Labour Party Branch and Education Group President of the PCS.

Jean Crocker – Secretary of her Labour Party Branch and Executive member of the CLPD.

Stoneleigh and Cubbington by-election

Seasoned local activist Josh Payne is standing for us in the Stoneleigh and Cubbington by-election on the 5th of October. To get involved with his campaign by leafleting or canvassing please email him at

Motion on Warwickshire Children’s Centres

At the CLP meeting last night in Kenilworth, the following motion as proposed by Patrick Jenkins on Warwickshire Children’s centres was passed unanimously:

It is extremely concerning that the County Administration’s proposals to close
all of the Children’s Centres across Warwickshire in 2018 have come about. The
Tories propose to replace the 39 Centres with a handful of Hubs across the
county. This includes closing the Southam Centre and the two Kenilworth
It’s worth spelling out that families will no longer have access to the locality
based services including:
• Free advice & information Family Support drop in sessions,
• Stay and play sessions staffed by trained and experienced professionals;
• Access to professional support for help with issues of debt, housing,
homelessness, returning to education and work; as well as a wide range of
parenting and behaviour management courses and individual services
With this information in mind, Kenilworth and Southam CLP resolves to each of
the members of the Warwickshire Labour Group the following;
1. That the CLP wholly endorses the Labour petition and the cross party
petition against these proposals.
2. That we strongly urge all Labour Councillors to fight these cuts through
every possible avenue.

Motion on Grenfell

At the CLP meeting last night in Kenilworth, the following motion as proposed by Chris Mackinder on the Grenfell disaster was passed unanimously:

This CLP expresses profound sympathy for all those who have suffered as a
consequence of the Grenfell Tower disaster.
We do not seek to hide the failings of several governments over a period of years
who have eroded public services by encouraging private companies & business
to provide basic needs such as housing. However, the austerity agenda being
vigorously pursued by the Tory Governement has undoubtedly both damaged and now
cost lives.
Tenants’ voices need to be not only heard but also routinely involved, alongside
trade unions & other bodies (with a direct interest in housing safety & standards
rather than profit), in the day-to-day running of public housing.
This CLP gives full support to
1. Jeremy Corbyn’s calls for urgent measures to both alleviate the immediate
sufferings & needs of those affected
2. Jeremy Corbyn’s more long term measures to reverse cuts & provide the
necessary resources to improve housing conditions across the nation